C.I.F. organizes a biannual conference in co-operation with a National Branch hosting the conference to keep the spirits and goals alive. Besides reflecting on current subjects and aiming at professional development conferences offer a possibility for members and friends of C.I.F. to meet and make new friends across the globe.

CIF Conference 2021 will take place Virtually by CIF Cyprus in November

                          2023 will be held  in CIF Germany  The history of these conferences begins from 1958, the second year after beginning of the program. The list of 1958-2010 Conferences

CIF Conferences hosted by CIF Hellas

September 18-23 2017 32nd Conference in Kalamata Greece. Theme: META-KINESIS/A key concept for personal and global stabilization

August 1989 18th Conference in Vraona – Attica, Greece Theme: The influence of social changes in the family structure