Who we are

CIF Hellas is a branch of CIF (Council International Fellowship) an organization that has 30 National Branches and 13 contact Persons worldwide .

CIF Hellas, as a nonprofit nongovernmental organization since 1979 is promoting international understanding through professional development and cross-cultural exchange and has been organizing quality International Professional Exchange Programs since 1992.

What we do


CIF Hellas contributes to the training of social workers, psychologists and other professionals in the field of human and social sciences by:

Promoting interest and participation in the International Professional Exchange Programs CIPUSA and CIF.

Since 1992 has been organizing every year an International Exchange Program for social workers and human services professionals from various countries.

Organizing educational and further training activities for Greek social workers, psychologists,educators and other professionals and other social scientists in the social services.

Council of International Fellowship (CIF)

CIF is an internationally recognized umbrella organization It is a volunteer run membership organization that is open to any professional in the social services field.  Every member has participated in either a CIF or CIPUSA program at one time in some capacity. (www.cifinternational.com )

Council of International Programs USA (CIP USA)


CIP USA is a nonprofit nongovernmental international exchange organization with a 60 year history of promoting international understanding through professional development and cross-cultural exchange. It was Founded by Dr. Henry B. Ollendorff in the early 1950s and was formed to serve as the umbrella organization to recruit participants and direct CIP’s network nationwide.  Since then over 15,000 international professionals from 147 countries were brought to the U.S. for practical training in an array of disciplines. (www.cipusa.org )

CIPUSA Program. (History)


The founder of CIP was Dr Henry B. Ollendorff, who in 1938 escaped Nazi Germany to begin his new life in the Unites States and being not able to practice in his profession as a labour lawer, in his new home land, he attended the New York School of Social Work and became Social Worker.

Dr Ollendorff had a vision to create an International program where youth leaders and Social workers from many countries could get together with the goal that the horrors of the Second World War would never happen again.

This program, at the beginning based in Cleveland, Ohio, eventually attracted participants from all over the world who sought training in a wide range of professional fields. As the popularity of the program increased, a network of offices were opened across the U.S. In the early 1960’s the Council of International Programs was formed to serve as the umbrella organization to recruit participants and direct CIP’s network nationwide. Since the beginning, over 15,000 international professionals have been brought from 147 countries to the U.S.


Aims and objectives


Together with our international association, the Council of International Fellowship (CIF International) CIF Hellas contributes in the development of new methods for tackling social problems, and promotes peace and better international understanding by:

Bringing colleagues from different countries and cultures together and letting them share their experience and learn from one another.

Providing further education programs in the various areas of social and youth work.

Recruiting applicants for CIF International Exchange Programs

Board of Directors



Governance CIF-Hellas.

1. General Assembly  takes place every year in January


2. Board of Directors Concists of five (5) every two years elected members